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Hi--I’m Stephanie, and ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to be a writer and a speaker.  Oh...and to wear pretty jewels and fancy dresses as often as possible.  And to meet a strong, rugged man to marry and make a home with.  And to raise happy and healthy children.  And though I haven’t completely “arrived” yet (as if that were even possible...), I have managed to carve a little creative niche of domestic and career joy out of my adulthood so far.  And it’s a niche that I want to share with you--
On Deviantly Domesticated, as well as through my workshops, podcasts, and publications, you’ll find an array of things that I hope will inspire and excite you.  Like photos of my latest knitting and sewing projects, or ideas for converting your used home and fashion items into fresh and new objects.  You’ll see and read about my exploits in the kitchen, usually involving ill-advised amounts of sugar and butter, and the things I grow in my garden.  And you’ll definitely hear me talk a lot about the fun of being a woman in today’s modern age, and even a bit about how you can make (or save) some money by just being yourself.  All told, I like to create a mix of beauty, silliness, practical tips, and timely ideas to each week.
Of course I didn’t just get to this point overnight.  In fact, just a few short years ago I was working a 9-5 job in a cubicle, including a lot of Saturdays, and trying to cram fulfillment into my sparse leisure time.  You can read more about how I transitioned out of that and into the life I live now by reading my “Lifestyle Makeover.”
But enough about me!  How about you?  As a writer, my most encouraging and rewarding moments are those that involve you--whether it is your insightful comments or thoughtful emails or clever projects.  So please take some time to introduce yourself to me, too!

yours truly--
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