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One of the words that you will commonly hear me say and write is “entrepreneur.”  It’s a word, I know, that strikes fear into the hearts of some, and excitement into the hearts of others.  Or perhaps both, as is often the case for me.
There are a variety of reasons why I continue to broach the subject of making money.  Obviously our tumultuous and changing economy is one of them.  But the other is that I know many of you have special skills, talents and products that should be shared with others for profit or for barter.
It is my goal, then, to try to encourage all of us to dip our toes into the marketplace as regularly as possible.  Toward that end, I’m even working on some exciting ideas to provide opportunities for you to sell and barter right here on this space!  I won’t reveal too many details since they are still in development, but I do want to invite you to start thinking even now about how you can become an entrepreneur.

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