Thursday, May 8, 2008

Eating Bonbons

I have a friend who is a full-time mom with a part-time career.  When asked by her coworkers, "what do you do all day,"  she would reply "I eat bonbons, of course."  No doubt envious of her seemingly free schedule compared to theirs, their question illuminates a common perception about women who choose to stay home: that every day for them is like a weekend day, full of leisure and movies and walks to the park.  

I can see why they might think this.  I, myself, often wondered what women do all day when they stay home with children (I guarantee it is more than eat bonbons).  Even more so, I'm sure people wonder how I fill my time at home all day without children.  Don't I get bored?  Do I watch a lot of television?  Do I hit the shopping mall or Target to get out of the house?  

So, in response to this secret question I'm sure everyone asks, I will offer a response.  In general, I am busy, all day, every day.  Why?  Because I am doing a lot of the things that we all wish we could do if we had more time.  For instance, I exercise regularly, which is something I was terrible at doing consistently when I worked full-time.  I plan and prepare meals that are tasty and healthy.  I walk my dogs.  I spend a lot of time talking with husband about all sorts of things (something I had far less energy for when working a ton).  I clean the house.  I write.  I make things to sell in my etsy shop.  I visit other friends who stay home, or have lunch with those that work.  I read the news.  I read books.  I go to the library.  I garden.  I haven't started volunteering yet, but I want to, and will.

The funny thing is that I do some things less than I used to--things I used to spend my weekends doing when I was working a lot.  For instance, I watch a lot less tv.  I eat less junk food.  I drive my car less.  I shop less, and spend less money in general.  And I do other things more.  I create more.  I socialize more (a lot more, thankfully), and have more friends.  I have more sex.  I smile more.

Of course, I also make less money.  And I am probably less impressive to people.  But I don't have a boring life, and my days are full.  And quite frankly my weekdays now are better than my weekends used to be.  And now that I think about it, I might have a bonbon.

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