Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Utopia aside...

Undoubtedly the most challenging issue that I have encountered since leaving my job in corporate America is the green stuff.  That's right--money.  It seems that even if you decide to exit the traditional workforce, you still find yourself under the gun to prove your value in the marketplace.

Now, a part of me genuinely wishes that this weren't so.  I'd prefer for us to all live in a lovely utopia where what we earn and how we earn it has absolutely nothing to do with who we are as people.  And yes, money does grow on trees in this utopia.  Unfortunately, we do not live in such a place.  

Of course, another (more practical) part of me thinks that being successful in the marketplace isn't something to run from.  I mean, I know that no one expects housewives to earn an income, but why not?  We are living in modern times, where practically anyone can operate a micro-business from their own home.  And women are awfully creative and resourceful.

So, putting my utopian dreams aside (momentarily), I've decided to explore this area of micro-business a little more thoroughly.  (I know what you're thinking--here she goes with more research again.  I can't help myself.  I'm addicted.)  Why?  Because I think that maybe, just maybe, micro-business might be a boon for women like myself who want to earn some money, but in a less traditional way.  And maybe there are a lot of women who currently work in small, tight cubbies and would prefer to do something different, but just need some encouragement.  And maybe there are also women (like me) who are currently staying at home and would feel a whole lot better if they could put a little of their energy every day into something that might bear some financial fruit.

If you are one or many of the above, stay tuned this week as I dig a little deeper into the world of money and business.  


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