Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Coming Soon!

So, after a couple months of operating "be adornable" as is, I've decided to make some updates for the Spring...

What to look forward to come mid-April:

--a revamped website ( featuring a "spotlight" article updated daily
--two new projects I am very excited about:
1.  Cigars in the Parlour: it's time to crash the party, ladies.  After letting men retreat to private rooms to smoke cigars, drink brandy, and discuss world affairs, leaving us in the cold, it's time to make our move into the parlour and light some cigars of our own!
2.  On Claremont: Karina, Naomi, Marianne and Rachel all live on Claremont Street.  Read weekly to hear the new drama in their lives.
--the launch of my Etsy online boutique, appropriately dubbed the "Be Adornable Boutique."  There you will find a selection of my latest design creations for the home.
--and of course, this be adornable blog, which will undergo a bit of a change in tone--less serious and more personal, generally.

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