Thursday, March 27, 2008

Deep Economy--I promise it's cool

I just finished reading Deep Economy by Bill McKibben, and I have to say I liked it.  Now, I know what you're thinking--What kind of girl reads books called Deep Economy?  She can't be cool.  Let me assure you that I read a variety of other things too, in addition to books on the economy, like girly magazines, and even the occasional People and US Weekly.  And believe it or not, I think you might like McKibben's book, too.

His entire premise is to challenge the notion that "more is better" and recommend generally that we all be a little more neighborly.  If you aren't convinced yet that this is interesting stuff, consider that I had a lively discussion with friends just the other night on this very topic, and they certainly are cool.  

I think that young people, maybe women in particular, are searching for some alternatives to the usual arguments and agendas.  I mean, I follow politics (more than I'd like--I'm married to a political junkie), and I have to confess that I get rather tired of hearing the same stump speeches time and time again.  I don't really feel like I fit well into "conservative" and "liberal" categories.  This, incidentally, is one of McKibben's points--that a lot of stuff worth talking about doesn't "fit."

Anyway, I picked up the book originally because the Etsy book club will be discussing it this spring.  Good recommendation from a great company.  Check it out, and visit etsy to jump into the discussion.  Or email me your thoughts--I'd love to hear 'em!

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