Thursday, January 24, 2008

Connecting New Dots

After posting exclusively on "pretty things" thus far, I fear you may be under the impression that design is the primary focus of this blog.  It is not.  At "Be Adornable," I also want to highlight ideas and concepts that make me think about current affairs or important topics in a fresh way.

That said, I'd like to draw attention to a popular topic receiving a lot of media coverage today. No, it's not Heath Ledger's tragic death.  It's the economy.  

From my observation, the majority of coverage on the economy has focused on the more personal aspects of the issue--how to recession-proof your job, navigate the housing slump, and manage your investments.  It is because Donald Boudreaux's opinion piece published in today's Christian Science Monitor (don't let the name fool you--the Monitor is a great and well-respected source for independent news) is different that I bring it to your attention.   

Now, I'm not an expert on economic matters, but I appreciate a writer who causes me to think in terms of the big picture.  In Mr. Boudreaux's case, the big picture involves our trade relationships to other nations, our tax structure, and federal spending.  I particularly liked his attention to agricultural policy, which is a topic I have been very curious about (I know, I'm quite nerdy), but had not connected to the current economic situation. 

So to Mr. Boudreaux, I say "thank you" for provoking me to think outside of the mainstream, even if my knowledge on the topics you addressed is lacking.  I appreciate "dot connectors," and this piece connected some dots I hadn't considered.  

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