Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Karmela Sediqi

You might have picked up by now that I really admire entrepreneurial women.  It takes a lot of skill, patience, discipline, and creativity to run a business.  It takes all these things and more to run a business in Afghanistan, which is why I am highlighting Kamela Sediqi today. 

Ms. Sediqi has been featured many times throughout the last several years as an emerging woman in Afghanistan.  As the founder of a consulting company that trains men and women to start-up their own businesses, she believes strongly in the power of small business to aid her country, and to aid women in her country specifically.  

She says, "Business is the only way to support Afghanistan.  We can make out country by establishing businesses and supporting businesses and creating more investment."

Ms. Sediqi, and other Afghan women, have participated in Project Artemis, a business development program offered by Thunderbird: School of Global Management .  The program, hosted yearly, aims to equip women like Sediqi with skills they can then take back to their country.

I agree with Sediqi that small businesses are the heart of any country's economy and social fabric, which is why you will consistently find posts related to entrepreneurialism here at Be Adornable.  Best of luck to Sediqi, and to all of the Afghan women and men who are building their country!

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