Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ironically I stumbled across Amy Butler right before Blueprint magazine highlighted her home and work in their December '07 issue.  Needless to say, she has a great design sense, which she carries into her fabric, patterns, stationery, bags, etc., all available on her website.

In addition to her fantastic prints, one of the main reasons I like Amy (and a reason I'm listing her as an "adornable woman") is that she is committed to her community.  Through her business, she and husband, David, contribute to a local food bank, women's shelter, and environmental education program.  Read below in Amy's own words:

"know that a goodly portion of your proceeds are going back into the life stream that takes care of people.  We feel that it is a privilege to be an American small business, not a right, and with privilege comes responsibility to help.  Care for YOUR community and it will take care of you."--Amy Butler

Just another reason to get to know Amy...

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