Monday, February 4, 2008

Daily Dose

I confess that after reviewing today's headlines, I am at a bit of a loss on what to post about.  I could talk about yesterday's Super Bowl, but I doubt an audience of primarily female readers would appreciate that (although the end really was spectacular to watch).  I could discuss Super Tuesday (certainly everyone else is), but I have to confess that though I do follow politics, I'm not prone to writing about them.  I could write about the economy, since January's employment numbers are coming in (hiring is apparently slipping), but even I'm a little bored by the coverage on it.  
So, I guess instead of covering the news, I'll just encourage you to get a dose of it yourself, by visiting some of my favorite links for staying informed.  
Christian Science Monitor: some people might be turned off by the name, and it is true that there are some religious aspects to this newspaper.  However, I first learned about the paper attending Colorado State University from my political science teacher, and quickly learned why she was a fan: the news coverage is exceptional, particularly from the international correspondents.  Plus, a lot of their stories are written by staffers as opposed to the AP Wire, which makes them a little more independent than a lot of other sources.
The New York Times: I confess I'm a little overwhelmed by the vastness of their site, but the NYTimes does offer a little bit of everything.  One top reason to check them out would be their blogs--and there are many of them--written by some well-respected intellectuals and commentators.  I personally like Thomas Friedman (who is apparently on assignment currently) and the fellows from Freakonomics.
National Public Radio: probably my all-time favorite source for news, probably because you can catch it in the car running errands or on the way to work.  I even listen to it while I'm working out (I's a little strange).  I love Marketplace report and Talk of the Nation "Science Friday."  And their podcasts are highly revered in the news community.

So, when you have some time, check them out.  Part of being "adornable" is knowing what is going on in the world, so I try to treat the headlines like they are my daily multivitamin, and invite you to do the same.  

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