Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Homework Assignment

With all of the media buzz circulating about the presidential primaries, it is no wonder that I feel as if I have a "political hangover."  I realize that there are some people who live and breathe for constant updates on the campaigns.  And it is true that the process does pull you in, sort of like a good football game or sitcom (politics being much more important than sports or tv, of course).  
Still, after listening for days on end to morning and night talk shows (my husband is addicted), I decided to dig a little deeper into the three front runners (Clinton, McCain, and Obama) to see what they felt on a subject I am particularly interested in: foreign policy.  I turned to Foreign Affairs, and found these three articles, written by the candidates themselves:
1.  Clinton
2.  McCain
3.  Obama
Admittedly the articles are long ones, but easily skimmed if you're short on time.  I highly recommend reading all of them, asking yourself these questions in the process:
--what is the tone of the article?  is it positive, negative, aggressive, passive...
--what role does the candidate see the US playing in the world?  a leader, a patron, a protector, an arbiter...
--what do the candidates seem to all have in common?  on what points do they differ? 
--what role does the candidate see themselves playing?  a negotiator, diplomat, military chief, innovator...
Investing a half-hour to skim these articles and ponder the questions will give you more information and insight into the candidates than five hours of television coverage, I promise!  And that information and insight will go a long way in choosing, or confirming, who you feel would make the best next president.  
All part of being adornable!

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