Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More on Being Adornable

I know I've been making vague references to "be adornable" since launching this blog earlier this year.  I thought I'd take a quick minute, then, to write a little more detail about what "being adornable" means, and what you can expect from topics on this blog in the future.

Be adornable is a clever phrase invented to inspire women in our modern era to embrace (and/or "adorn" themselves with) the following five qualities:

1.  knowledge.  specifically knowledge about current affairs, global trends, and what is going on in the world in general.  

2.  appreciation for values.  modern values. family values.  political values.  etc. etc.  the bottom line is that the convictions we hold in our hearts inform our decisions, and the decisions of others.  

3.  resourcefulness.  kind of like being green, only more broad.  essentially it is being mindful of how we consume, and where we invest our resources.

4.  enterprising.  all hail the entrepreneur!  enterprising people are always coming up with clever ideas that benefit both the market (aka where the money flows) and the community.

5.  engaged.  not to be married, although that might be a good analogy.  Engaged means to be involved and active in your community and for causes that are important to you.

So, these "adornable" qualities essentially "frame" the content for this blog.  You can expect to read about enterprising and entrepreneurial ideas, particularly if they come from women.  You will certainly see posts on current affairs (hopefully they'll be a little less dry than what is normally out there!).  You'll read about budgeting and sustainability and consumption.  You'll encounter stories about men and women who are making positive changes in the world through their creativity and time.  And you'll see how "worldviews" (aka values) influence events and ideas today.

For more information on "be adornable," I also invite you to visit me at www.stephaniehillberry.com.  Look to April for more articles and ideas!

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