Saturday, July 12, 2008

Come Back Monday for More SHEconomy!

I've been MIA the last few days frantically working on a wedding gift for one of my best friends (I tend to procrastinate, but that's another story...).  But I am so excited to jump back in with the SHEconomy next week.

At my friend's wedding shower I had the opportunity to talk with a lot of women about their lives and their children and their plans for the future, and I left with strengthened convictions.  Convictions that as women we can use our relationships to strengthen the economy, and that we are always on the lookout for creative ideas that allow us the flexibility to work and care for our homes, marriages and families at the same time.  

In the week to come I want to tackle a few important subjects relating to the SHEconomy, like discussing in more detail the following: micro-business (I think it could be a boon for us!), relational currency (more on what this means soon), and marketplace mavens (a celebration of women who are already living out the SHEconomy!).  
Also coming soon are SHEconomy party kits--good for energizing creative market ideas among your family and friends.  

Again, the SHEconomy is a lifestyle that I hope will open more economic doors for women, a place to share testimonies of what works, and a way for us to bring our creativity and our skills to the marketplace.

I hope you'll join me Monday as we talk more!

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