Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Asymmetrical reVamp

I have a black turtleneck that I love to wear this time of year. It is soft and warm, and just a tiny bit sheer. I bought it to replace a different black turtleneck I've owned for several years. This second sweater was decidedly less flattering. It was too bulky. Too faded. And too boring.

But of course you all know me well enough by now to know that underperforming garments are my favorite New things to wear. Once they've been reVamped, of course.
Like several of my other outdated sweaters, I decided to cut this one in half down the front, too. Unlike my other sweaters, however, I wanted to try something new with an asymmetrical design, and I figured that a turtleneck was the perfect style for it.

Perfect because the "turtle" neck, when cut in half, naturally evolves into a funky, floppy, oversize collar.

And with a little satin ribbon stitched along the edges, plus a fancy brooch to fasten them together, I had a new cardigan from a rather boring sweater.

Perhaps you can tell just by my description that this is one of the Easiest patterns I've made this season! Even a sewing novice could handstitch the ribbon trim in a few hours time. Or a more experienced sewer could make this lovely upgrade on a sewing machine in about 30 minutes.
Naturally my favorite part of this project--and the others I've made this holiday season--is that it makes good use of something I already own. It has been downright exciting for me to see my wardrobe expand while also rediscovering castaways I'd long since forgotten.

And it has given me great gift ideas for friends and family as well--
not just for holidays, but also for birthdays, anniversaries, special events, and more!

To learn more about reVamping your own turtleneck,
click here to visit my Ribbon-Trim Cardigan pattern!

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