Monday, December 14, 2009

Champagne-Sparkle Mondays

I have a radical idea that might change the way we think about Mondays. Radical. Let's call it "champagne-sparkle Monday." It is sorta like "casual Friday," only much, much more exciting. Because instead of denim and comfortable shoes, we could wear cocktail dresses and fancy heels. And instead of water or coffee, we could offer our clients/customers champagne instead (while also enjoying a flute or two ourselves).

I think it's a fabulous idea. It would really take the edge off of a Monday morning, don't you think? Employers around the country would gladly go for it.

Okay...maybe not.

Alright, so perhaps champagne isn't realistic, and cocktail dresses aren't practical, but at the very least we could spice up our Mondays (or any other day of the week for that matter) with a little sparkle. Just a hint. Like in this top I designed using an old tank top I had.

I call it the Sparkle Holiday Top, but really you could wear it just about anytime. Because sequins and beads aren't just for the holidays or parties.

Oh no. Sequins are for anytime.

Anytime, people.

Now admittedly you can go overboard with the sparkle-factor, and turn heads in a bad way. But I created this design to be a bit understated--more like a necklace for your collar than a showgirl ensemble. You can certainly wear it with a pair of jeans and a jacket or cardigan without looking out of place.

Or you could dial it up and pair it with a pencil skirt and kitten heels for a holiday soiree. Like, say, a New Year's party, where there really might be champagne to add to your sparkle!

Undoubtedly I will be wearing my Sparkle top all year long, because I like a little bit of glamour for everyday. Just a hint.

If you're looking for a little glamour in your life this season, consider making this top yourself. All you need is a plain tank top, dress, sweater or shirt, a handful of beads and/or sequins, and needle and thread. I provide a trace-on template in my pattern, so you don't even have to fiddle with the design if you don't want!

You could even wear it to work next Monday. Just save the champagne for after your day ends.

To learn more about this DIY pattern, and others, click here!


  1. I'm taking this post to heart...and wearing sequins WHENEVER I WANT.

  2. Good job! Like your sparkly sweater--I think you should wear it every week!


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