Friday, December 4, 2009

Chocolate AND Coffee??

It simply isn't the holiday season without some homemade cookies, right?

Four...five...six batches of homemade cookies. Plus cookie parties. And cookie exchanges. And bottles of Pepto.

So in the spirit of things, I thought I'd bake these little beauties this week.

I started where all good things begin: with chocolate. Dark, Ghiradelli chocolate to be exact. I always keep some on hand, just in case.
Just in case I need to melt it down into creamy perfection using my version of a double boiler.
And then whip it into a batter of cocoa, brown sugar, butter, eggs, and coffee. That's right--coffee. Four teaspoons of instant to be precise. Good enough to lick right off of the beater, I tell you.

Now, I've never made this chocolate coffee cookie recipe before, so I was a bit surprised to find that after the usual cookie-making steps, I was instructed to flatten out the dough and freeze it until firm. Fortunately it was about 20 degrees outside, so I had no problems with the freezing part. I just put the dough right out on the patio table for about 20 minutes, and Presto! Firm as my backside was before I ate these cookies.

Then came the rolling and sugar-ing. Isn't that a pretty mountain of treats?

And aren't they nice little soldiers, all lined up and ready for the oven?

Twelve minutes or so and here they are, all warm and petite, looking so cozy on my plate next to a tall glass of ice-cold milk. With the bittersweet and dark chocolates, plus the coffee, they are rich but not too sweet, which makes them a great grown-up cookie.

Not that I eat them like a responsible grown-up, of course. I've already had 5.

Try them for yourself this season (click here)!

Happy Friday!

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