Thursday, December 10, 2009

Patchwork Design

When it comes to home design, I have to admit that I'm not partial to the "country" style. I don't love gingham or wicker or needlepoint art.

I do, however, love patchwork.

Patchwork appeals to me for a number of reasons. First, it gives me a chance to play with color, pattern and texture all in one design. And second, it is a great way for me to use up some of my fabric remnants and scraps.

Personally I like to pair patchwork with unexpected accessories, like a sheepskin throw or a braided jute rug. And even though these pillows include very traditional patterns (ticking stripe, checks, etc.), you could apply this design to something a lot more modern, like retro polka dots or asian batiks.
For instance, I recently made this collection of pillows for my mom to enjoy this holiday season. And even though they look complicated, I promise that it only took me two afternoons to make four pillows!
Basically the design possibilities are endless! And with the right combination of colors and patterns, these pillows would fit in almost any home!

Of course it wouldn't be nice of me to not share how I made these pretty pillows, so I've created a pattern that you can follow along if you feel inspired. The best part is that I included a "paint-by-number" design template so that all you have to do is plug your favorite fabrics into the scheme and skip all the hassle of trying to piece them fashionably together.

You can find the pattern for sale now in my online store!

Happy Patching!


  1. I was wondering, what do you use for filling for your pillows? I like pillows that have a little bit of...denseness to the stuffing. But not too much.

  2. I usually just recover old throw pillows--they tend to vary in their density. I am also quite partial to the travel size pillows that Wal Mart sells, but they might be a little on the soft side for your taste. If you like a firmer pillow, I'd recommend a foam rather than polyfill stuffing.


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