Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ham & Cheese and cooking on the fly

I've been running around like a crazy person this week. Last night I managed to rush home from an all-day retreat, cram in some work, and then churn out sixteen handmade scones-from-scratch for a meeting later that night. And I did all of this in an hour-and-a-half.

Then, naturally, once I arrived I learned that I was not, in fact, scheduled to bring the evening snacks at all.

I really could have used that valuable tidbit of time-saving information about two hours earlier.

Yes--it's been that kind of week.

During weeks like this, I admit that I find it difficult to feed those I love, including myself. Which is why I'm so glad that last week I cooked. As in I actually cooked real dinners. I say it like this because it's been awhile. The truth is that for months now we've been following the FFYS ("Fend For YourSelf")food plan. Needless to say, dehydrated potatoes from a box have become a regular staple...
Breaking the mold, though, I did manage to throw together this little ham & cheese number from the most recent Everyday Food magazine (I'd give you the recipe but I can't seem to track it down at the moment...). It starts with some basics, like rice and spinach. And then adds one of my favorite punches of flavor: smoky, golden Gruyere cheese.
After the aforementioned ingredients are mixed, the ham and onions are sauteed together in white wine. We had leftover ham from Easter Sunday, and this seemed like a perfect way to use it up!
Above is the final, cheesy, scrumptious result. Affordable, hearty, and simple to prepare--this is the kind of dish I like.

And best of all, I froze half of it for a later date. Like, say, perhaps a week when I dont' have time to make dinner because I'm churning out scones at the last minute to bring to a group a week before I'm actually supposed to bring them.

Not that that ever happens to me...


  1. that looks yummy! i loveh ham & gruyere together! nothing beats homecookin'

  2. And Craig's response to last night's mix up was?

  3. Thanks Meg! I agree--home cooking is the best.

    As for Craig's response to my little mix-up, I believe he rolled his eyes and said something to me about the value of writing things down instead of just trying to remember them...

  4. But those scones were TOTALLY worth the extra time....only the best ever. Really.

    Don't worry...I'm going to try the doctor's appointment (that I was a week early for) again tomorrow.


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