Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Promote Your Business: Lily Leighs Vintage to Modern Jewelry

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! Today I want to introduce you to a new friend, Karter, from Lily Leighs handmade jewelry. Lily Leighs is part of my new "Promote Your Business" program (because y'all know how much I LOVE entrepreneurs!), and the jewelry maker would love to share a little bit about herself with you! Read below to learn more--
What are your favorite ways to notice and nurture beauty and inspiration around you?

Having grown up in Colorado, I am amazed by the beauty of the Rockies and gorgeous scenery. But, I am mostly inspired by the beauty in people. I am a people-loving person and find that I am inspired and stirred by people’s lives and the ability of God to work through their struggles and see them through to the other side. How do you express your creativity and personality through your daily work?

Jewelry is relatively new to me but I have always been into doing something or another with my hands. I had a card shop on Etsy for a few years and made handmade cards and tags etc… so I have actually spent more time in the scrapbooking/cardmaking end of things. It helps that my mom was doing the same thing so we would spend many a vacation and visit around cardmaking. She has had a successful card shop on Etsy for a few years ( and is sad to see me turn to jewelry! I love making jewelry and would like to eventually have more items in my shop that reflect my faith. I think my shop could eventually be a more accurate expression of what I am truly inspired by. What wisdom would you give to other women who are seeking to accomplish their goals and ambitions?

One simple word: PRAY. As a Christian I believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made with special talents and with a purpose. My goals and ambitions were different prior to becoming a Christian. They changed because God had a different direction for my life. I have two children with special needs. I did not know that one of the ways God would use me would be to encourage other moms through the heartache and disappointment of finding out that your child or children were not going to be what YOU thought but that they were well-thought out by God. I was given this unique challenge because that is what God’s purpose was for me. Each woman and person for that matter was uniquely created for a specific purpose that only they can achieve. I really believe that true contentment and real joy come from walking in our life’s purpose~ it just feels right. What do you feel is your most important character trait and why?

My most important character trait is that I care about people and desire to see them grow and change. Christ is and was a lover of people and he causes us to love others. This is an important trait because life is not about us only but what we have to offer to others. Life is so much richer when we can give of what we have! I have a lot to give because of what has been given to me. To you, being a woman means…..?

Being me…accepting and being comfortable with how God has uniquely made me while consistently working towards becoming the wife and mother that I can be through God's strength and guidance. I am a work-in-progress and am maturing as a woman. I used to be such a tomboy growing up and still am in many ways. I have a hard time putting on anything but jeans and boots and wearing my hair other than in a pony tail, but that is o’kay and I am becoming more content with my unique qualities.

Thank you, Karter, for sharing about your business and about what inspires you!

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