Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Send my Regards to Diane

When Diane von Furstenberg created and debuted the wrap dress in 1973, I wasn't even born yet. But when I secured my ticket for a benefit event happening tomorrow night, I knew that I needed something to wear. And I knew that almost 40 years later, Diane's creation would be my inspiration.

The wrap dress is iconic for many reasons. For one thing, it's pure genius. No buttons. No zippers. No belts. It is the kind of dress you can just throw on in the morning and look fabulous in all day.

Two, it is flattering to all types of shapes and sizes. I hardly know of a woman who could go wrong in this silhouette. Even in a zany print it showcases a woman's curves.

Third, the wrap dress is comfy. Made from knit jersey, it stretches. And drapes elegantly. And moves. And feels soft.

In other words, it isn't stiff or starched or tight or scratchy.

Lastly, Diane's dress is easy to make. It is a great project for newbie seamstresses (again, no zippers, no buttons, no belts...) and could be completed over a weekend. So give it a try!

As for me, I'll be showing off a little Diane tomorrow evening.

For information about this Vogue pattern, click here.
For information about the benefit I'm attending, click here.


  1. I love wrapdresses too! Of course, I think I'd love them even more if I had your body. :) These photos look fabulous - - have fun tomorrow!

  2. Thanks, Catherine! I will have fun. The benefit is a wine and food affair--all you can consume of both! I love indulging for a good cause:)

  3. Love it! I think I need to pull out the sewing machine.

  4. It turned out awesome - and I love the color. Maybe I could borrow your pattern?

  5. WOW I just love it. Adorable.


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