Friday, April 16, 2010

Je Ne Sais Quoi: Don't Quit Your Day Job

For a special Friday treat, I thought that I would do some experiments in looking sultry using Eva Mendes as my tutor.

Lesson One: "the sexy mouth." Lips parted, teeth showing. Eyes with that "come hither" look.

...I'm pretty sure that if I looked at anyone with this expression, they'd get very uncomfortable and suddenly find an intriguing spot on the floor to gaze at until I left the room.

Eva--you have your work cut out for you.

Lesson Two: "the romantic, windblown gaze." This is the look you need when standing beside the ocean watching your prince charming approach on a white horse. Epic, sweeping music would be playing the background. Things would be in slow motion. my case, this would be the part in the scene when my mother appears and tells me to get my hair out of my face and to close my mouth because I look like a moron.

Lesson Three: "the vixen."

Oh my. There aren't even words. Evidently I need more practice. WAY more practice.

Eva--is it a bad sign when my husband starts laughing so hard he has to brace himself with the chair just to stay standing?

And here is my sultry collage. Every glamorous shot, all lined up in rows.

Ahem...I think I better keep my day job and leave the sultry for Eva.

And I can stick to more appropriate, authentic poses. Crinkled eyes, gummy smile, dimples.

Authentic is more je ne sais quoi than sultry, anyway.

Happy Friday!


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  2. This is just hilarious!! Did you ever do these "photo shoots" with your friends in like junior high? I did them often - and have luckily lost most of the evidence.

  3. I went to a business event yesterday where there were some free photo shoot opportunities, and there were more than a few teenagers getting their shots taken. It was very entertaining...

  4. Hilarious Steph...Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If ever there was a debate about whether I was more Vixen or Girl Next Girl, I think this decidedly settles it...
    My Vixen skills stink!

  6. i thought i loved the vixen, until i saw the montage!

    and kerri, yes i too did photo shoots in my basement...rockin' an incredible pair of rainbow denim shorts.

  7. WOW totally made me laugh out loud. Love the vixen. It's so not a Steph face.


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