Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cozying Up (even if it is Vicariously Done)

Though Northern Colorado has had an admittedly fabulous, spring-like winter so far (sunny days, many of them above 60 degrees), today is a bit dreary, and the forecast calls for snow to roll in later this afternoon.  The change in the weather reminded me of one of the main reasons I started this Nesting series in the first place: because the thought of cold, dark winters made me want to focus on warm, cozy homes.

So far it's been a little too warm outside to crave cozy inside, but bloggers in other parts of the world are cozying up and writing about it for me.  

Thus, if you have the time today, take a gander over at two of my most favorite blogs: SouleMama, written by Amanda Blake Soule and Yarnstorm, written by Jane Brocket.  Amanda lives in the Northeast which is incidentally covered in snow.  Her photos of both inside and out will warm you right up (or remind you of winter in the case of us Coloradoans!).  Jane writes from England where snow days and freezing temps have her snapping shots of brilliant flowers forced from bulbs blooming in front of frosted windows.  A perfect Nesting image.

Hope your Tuesday invokes as many cozy thoughts as mine has, even if you have to live vicariously through others!

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