Monday, February 16, 2009

RX: A Quick Recharge

It is common for bloggers when writing a personal blog to wrestle with the question, "how much do I share?"  "Where is the line between personal and private?"  And so I find myself asking that question this morning.

The question comes up because I need a brief respite, and plan to take one this week.  No posting.  No working.  No updates.  Now normally I'd have material saved up for a week like this, but my life isn't exactly following "normal" lately.  

And since some of you readers check in frequently, I didn't want you to wonder "what happened to her?  Did she fall off a cliff?  Did she suddenly abandon her blog for greener pastures?  Did she catch the plague from the prairie dog colony next to her neighborhood? (a possibility, I assure you.)  

No, none of those things.  (And here comes the line between private and personal).  The truth is that I'm dealing with the emotional roller coaster of trying to start a family (a subject I have posted about during this recent Nesting series--see the links below to read more), and need a little holiday.  You know--a chance to recharge my battery a bit.

Incidentally, the opportunity to recharge for a spell is one of the benefits of my "lifestyle makeover" that I've come to value greatly.  Opting out of the traditional career track and opting in to a stay-at-home life has had many challenges, many of which I address on a regular basis in this space.  But it also provides some benefits.  Flexibility and cushion for dealing with life's unexpected obstacles is one such amiable quality.  

And so I leave you all for a few days.  I'll return, I'm sure, refreshed, and probably armed with a bunch of knitting projects I've finished and a slew of new ideas and thoughts on Nesting and life at home.  Until then...

PS:  I only wish I was on the beach.  Walking among prairie dogs will be more like it...

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