Friday, January 30, 2009

Avoiding the Subject...

I've been dancing around it for weeks now--the subject of motherhood.  I mean, here I am writing a series about Nesting, and avoiding almost altogether the very purpose of nesting in the first place--to prepare space for children.

Now, I wrote earlier this month that my journey into motherhood is taking longer than the average ascent.  This, naturally, has been rather disappointing to me, and has consequently left me feeling like I'm standing on the outside of this great club without an admission pass.  I've watched lots of friends and acquaintances be admitted into the club while months turned into years of waiting for my turn.

All this while, I've been assuming that motherhood begins with that double line on the early pregnancy test, advances cautiously toward delivery, and then blossoms with the arrival of a baby.  And even though I've been dipping my toes into Nesting, I've always felt that true preparation comes with morning sickness and maternity pants.

But it occurred to me recently that nesting in nature actually starts much earlier than I've been acknowledging.  Birds, for instance, from whom we borrow the phrase "nesting," build their nests Before they even have eggs to lay.  In human terms, this means they set up the nursery before the stick turns pink.  Now, I'm not a headed out to Babies R' Us armed with a registry gun, but this little reality has gotten me thinking about the Real way we women prepare for children, and it starts a lot earlier than we think.

So I've decided to officially expand my definition of Nesting for the remainder of this series.  From this point onward, any woman who is actively preparing her lifestyle for the advent of kiddos someday in the future is nesting.  And for the next couple of weeks, I'll be talking about what that preparation looks like (hint: it includes a lot more than nurseries and strollers), and when it starts.

Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I, for one, will be enjoying a pre-birthday pedicure, courtesy of my good friend.  
Please stop by tomorrow and check out another Saturday Sussie, and again next week to read more about Nesting, Smarty Pants, and (finally! yay!) this year's first Marketplace Maven!

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