Monday, January 26, 2009

An Afternoon at the Yarn Store

After rekindling my knitting itch late last year, I finally decided that I had had enough of shopping for yarn at the local big-box craft stores.  I mean, I'm not a textile snob--acrylics have their place--but a girl needs some cashmere every once and awhile!

So I contacted Laura (you met her as Laura of Uproar) and we hit one of the local yarn stores in our town for a great afternoon of colors, textures, and...ahem...spending.  Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.  So many great, soft options (angora, merino, cashmere--Oh My!) that I had to force myself to put down skeins many times lest I break the bank and be banned from all knitting by my husband (how is always, by the way, asking me why I bother to knit when you can go to the store and buy something for cheaper.  Will he never learn?).  

Of course I had to come home immediately and start some new projects.  Thankfully the weather cooperated (recall the 70 degree spring fling I mentioned just days ago?), and the weekend was ice cold and snowy.  Perfect for hunkering down with my needles, some cocoa and my favorite movie.  I've started two different sock patterns at once to see which one will win the contest for favorite, and--incidentally--also started a new love affair with Big Love (it was on HBO while I was knitting).

Now, I promise I won't spend the whole week chatting about yarn (lame)....  While the needles have been clicking away, I've also been thinking a lot about Nesting, the "stay at home" label, and being a pre-mom-in-waiting--all of which I'm sure I'll write about over the next several days.  

In between my knitting, of course.

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