Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nesting Before & After

Yesterday I wrote about how I was embarking on an office makeover as project #1 for Nesting, and promised some before & after pictures of my progress.  I started with the easiest--my office chair.  I selected my chair earlier this year because I liked the somewhat extra-terrestrial shape of it, and its fancy hydraulic lifting trick.  But when I was gifted this super cozy sheepskin for my anniversary, I quickly found a new place for it.  Now I actually want to sit in front of my desk!

Then I spruced up the sofa with some new throw pillows.  The design was inspired by my New Year's champagne drinking (hence the taffeta bubbles), which I hand-stitched while watching hours of play-off football over the weekend.  Paired with orange silk and a throw I channel quilted early last year, I think the sofa has had a serious upgrade.  

Next is the wall--it still needs some work, 
which I'll probably tackle this afternoon while simultaneously listening to Gossip Girl reruns (I know it's a character flaw to like that show, but I just can't resist a good teeny-bopper drama!).  

On another note, I was thrilled to log onto Etsy yesterday and see that they are featuring a "nesting" series of their own.  Click here to visit the link, and peruse some great handmade home-decor finds showcased by sellers.  Apparently I'm not the only one with the urge to snuggle in during these winter months...

I promise that Nesting won't all be about my home makeover projects--join me tomorrow as I talk a little more about the Nesting big picture, and what I like to call a Domestic Renaissance.  Also, don't travel too far!--catch another Smarty Pants post, this time on the Middle East, later this afternoon.

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  1. Nice Chair and Pillows! You are certainly an inspiration. If you could only see my basement - oh yeah you have!! It is a project I should work on, but do not even know where to begin! I know that I would enjoy being down there more if it were organized and fun to look at!!



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