Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Blog Birthday

I was reviewing my monthly calendar this morning, and realized that my "blogiversary" had snuck up on me.  It was exactly one year ago today that this little project was launched, albeit under a different title ("be adornable").  

Looking back, I am very thankful for what a friend this small internet space has been for me over the past year.  Working from home can be lonely, and it has been refreshing to come here every week--sometimes every day of the week--to talk about my life.

And it has introduced me to a whole world of people and ideas I didn't know about--like the handmade movement and it's maiden, Etsy.  Like the realization that being domestic was the same as being resourceful and mindful and creative.  And like the wonderful entrepreneurial mavens that have inspired me with their projects and blogs and books and businesses.  

So today I thought I would take a minute to wish a happy birthday to Deviantly Domesticated, to thank all of you who stop by to read and post a comment, and to look forward to another year of blogging!


  1. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on taking a big leap and doing what you love! Your a true inspiration to all women!

  2. Way to go Steph!! I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog this year!! Jess


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