Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Putting Things in Order (or at least in pretty boxes)

I wrote yesterday that as a woman, I naturally gravitate toward the pursuits of beauty and order. And because I'm also moderately addicted to efficiency, I especially like it when beauty and order are combined in pretty, well functioning items. 

What is it about organization that attracts me?  The appeal of baskets stacked neatly on my shelves, or dividers in my lingerie drawer, or upright files for my magazines?  I know I'm not the only one.  A whole "organization industry" has blossomed (ex. the Container Store, Real Simple Magazine, all of HGTV) based on this inclination to get things in order--and making it look 
good in the process.

I think that behind all of it there is this idea that if I have a spiffy box to corral all of my paperwork and bills, that somehow filing and paying them will be more enjoyable.  Or, say, if my lingerie drawers looks nice, then maybe folding laundry won't feel like such a chore.  Of course, this reasoning doesn't always work.  What usually ends up happening is that I find adorable organizing stuff, dump a bunch of papers or whatever into them, and end up with neatly contained and yet completely unorganized piles of to-do's.  

Regardless, I took a peek into See Jane Work's online store today, and Behold!  An organizer's dream!  So many fun books and planners and boxes and containers to divide and quantify and chart and record my life.  And of course, they all multitask as attractive objects packaged in fun colors and shapes.  

Getting things in order has never looked so fun.  When can I start?
*photos from See Jane Work

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