Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Giveaway!

At last it has arrived: my first giveaway here on Deviantly Domesticated!  

Those of you who were reading during the Handmade Holiday series over the months of November and December might recall that I developed a love affair with knitting.  I even stayed up until 3:00 am one night knitting a pair of gloves because I was so eager to see what they looked like completed!

Well, since a person only needs so many pairs of gloves (I've reached my quota), I thought I would make a set for one of you lovely readers out there.  This pair of fingerless gloves are perfect for keeping your hands toasty while still giving you the freedom to do important things (like fiddle with keys and strap kids into car seats and find your lip
stick in the bottom of your purse).  
Knitted from a Debbie Bliss silk-cotton blend, they are super soft and warm in rose pink.  Thanks to Cheryl Niamath for creating such a great pattern, and for for providing it for free!  (Download the pattern here to make a set yourself).  

The winner will be selected through a raffle via comments posted here (only one comment per person, please).  Comments will close at 5:00 pm MST and the winner will be announced then!  

note: comments are closed.  Leah Frink is the winner!  Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. It is so great to see your beautiful face! And those gloves look fab! Quite trendy and stylish. You make me want to be more "domesticated" and use my crafty side that I have been ignoring...due to 3 small children!

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