Friday, January 2, 2009

The Last of Leisure

It's true--I'm guilty of trying to stretch out these last few days of leisure before "real life" starts back up again next week.  So, for my last "leisurely" post, here is my list of favorite things to enjoy before next Monday:

*  hunkering down by a cozy fire in the mountains this weekend to...
*  celebrate my anniversary (6 years already!?  man the time flies by...)
*  drinking champagne in honor of said anniversary (and also because it makes me so happy)
*  eating Chicken Montego Bay at my favorite pasta restaurant, Rasta Pasta--an anniversary tradition
*  knitting (of course) by the aforementioned fire
*  watching as many girly movies as my husband will let me get away with (which, knowing him, won't be many.  Ahh...a girl can dream)
*  indulging in chocolate, another anniversary tradition
*  appreciating the power of Maalox after said chocolate, champagne and rich, creamy pasta
*  enjoying the hot tub, preferably while it's snowing
*  taking long hikes and then coming home to warm soup, crusty bread and a cold beer
*  and of course, not having to get up at any particular hour and indulging the pleasure of wearing my pj's all day

Hope your weekend is as leisurely!  
Come back next Monday when I fire up the coals of industry again!  New posts on Nesting, a Saturday Sussie revival, more on Mavens, and maybe even a Smarty Pants or two!

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