Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Sussie: Photo E-Course

note: Saturday sussies are amusing finds I encounter during the week.  I like to share them for no other reason but because they strike my fancy, as every sussie should.

I ran across a promotion for Unraveling, an online course by photographer Susannah Conway, and thought it looked intriguing.  

The e-course, beginning on February 16th, focuses on exploring different aspects of your life using photography and writing.  Each week participants are given a photo assignment along with some questions to ponder about the pictures they took.  The purpose of the course is to reconnect us with different pieces of our personalities, lives and relationships.

Sounds like a fun challenge to me!  

Click here to learn more about fees and details, and to sign up for the next course.

Don't forget to come back on Monday to read more about Nesting and to meet 2009's first Marketplace Maven!

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