Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Sussie: the Non-DIY Scrapbook

I'm terrible with pictures.  Always have been.  I think I still have a roll of undeveloped film from my high school graduation.  At all major events in my life, I assign the task of picture-taking to a friend because then at least I know I'll actually get photos!

Since I got a digital camera for my birthday last February, I have definitely improved in the picture department.  At least now I take them, and faithfully download them to my computer.  That, however, is where they remain.

Not one for scrapbooking (I have to draw the hobby line somewhere.  A girl really can have too many!), or for developing pictures for that matter (ahem...graduation roll), I am thrilled that there are some wonderful services out there these days that take all of you lovely photos, print them in a book, and then mail it to your house.  No glue or photo corners needed!

I, for one, will be using Apple's iPhoto software.  I just have to click and drag my photos into prefab templates, hit "order," and Presto! memorabilia will arrive on my doorstep in days.  Of course, Mac isn't the only one providing this clever service.  If you use Flickr, you can enlist the photo printing/scrapbook making wares of several vendors, like Moo for instance (small prints) and Blurb (books).

My goal?  To start working on my 2008 photobook now so that I can pop the last of the holiday photos into place, submit my order, and permanently graduate from "photo deviant" to "personal historian extraordinaire."  

Please enjoy your weekend, and come back on Monday for another Marketplace Maven, and the launch of Handmade Holidays!

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