Monday, November 24, 2008

Marketplace Mavens: Laura of Uproar

note: Marketplace Mavens is a weekly series on entrepreneurial women with passion.  For an account of passion meets adoption and adorable accessories, read below.

You know those people in your life that just impress you the very first time you meet them?  Well, Laura of Uproar--this week's Marketplace Maven--is certainly one of those people for me!

I sat down with Laura over coffee because I had heard from a friend that she was a fellow Etsy seller living in town, and that her shop had a unique mission behind it.  Intrigued, I had to learn more.

You see, Laura decided to create "not so ordinary children's knitted wear" for her shop, Uproar, after noticing that there was a shortage of unique and special knitted items for kids.  But lack of cute knitwear was not her only reason for Uproar.  Visitors can catch a glimpse of her larger mission by reading her shop announcement--Laura and her husband are raising money for a very special mission: adoption.

Laura's journey into knitting was not uncommon for crafters around the world.  After moving to a new city, she was lonely and needed a hobby to keep her busy during that transitional season, so she picked up knitting and was hooked.  But it wasn't until she decided with her husband to adopt children from Asia that her knitting took on a new purpose.  "Finally," she said, "my passion for knitting and my passion for adopting came together."  The result: Uproar.

Here's what I like about Laura and Uproar:
* Her passion is contagious.  We talked at length about adoption (a long, expensive and complex process), about kids in need around the world, and about motherhood.  Like many mavens, Laura wants to use her work to support her family (in this case, her soon-to-be-family), and in turn, the passion she has for her future children fuels her work.

*  She is demonstrating "craftivism" at its best.  Craftivism, which is a catchy term used to describe social action through crafts, is one of my favorite hallmarks of mavenhood, and one of the best reasons I can think of to operate a small business.  Laura's Uproar is not just about selling neat accessories--it is about connecting children without families with parents who will raise them with love.  So dollars spent at Uproar are essentially a two-for-one: great knitwear Plus support for a great cause.

*Her faith is unwavering.  Laura has felt drawn to adoption for a long time, and is so excited to be advancing toward the finish line after years of prayers and hope.  But even at this stage she knows that there are a lot of hurdles left, money being one of them.  She believes strongly that her shop, plus other means, will pave the way for her family.

Please take a minute to visit Uproar, and to read Laura's brief account of her mission in her own words.  And consider supporting this unique mission of connecting children with families by purchasing some not so ordinary knitwear for the children in your life this winter season (I purchased a great hat, which arrived this weekend, and I love it!).  And if you remember, send Laura a quick note through her shop to say hello and encourage her on what will undoubtedly be an exciting and challenging journey into parenting.

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