Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Sussie: Victoria's Secret Finds

note: Saturday Sussies are tempting little items I encounter during my week.  I try not to overspend on them.  Some weeks are better than others...

I know that normally when I write my Saturday Sussie, I focus on handmade items.  I do this because I think investing in local craftsmanship is an outstanding way to consume.  Nevertheless, I was out and about this past weekend window shopping (note: I left my debit and credit cards at home so I wouldn't be tempted--believe me, it ended up saving me a ton of money!), and I wandered into Victoria's Secret.

Shuffling past in the "Pink" teeny-bopper and bath & beauty sections, I eventually made it to the "grown-up" corner, where I found a whole bundle of the laciest, most feminine lingerie I've seen in a while.  Aside from those, of course (it is Victoria's Secret, after all), I found several items that I'd Love to Have (but probably won't buy).  They are:

*  Silky pinstripe bedtime shorts (above right).  So cute, so soft, so waaaay better than what I'm currently wearing to bed.  Just ask my husband.  On second thought, don't--that would be weird.

*  Cable-knit slipper-socks (left).  Part chunky-knit legging, part sock, part slipper.  What could be better for cold winter nights?  Or with silky pinstripe shorts?

*  Panties in adorable boxes.  Admittedly here I was less interested in the lingerie than the box.  What a clever, clever way to sell underwear.  Damn those clever chain-store capitalists!
Buyer Beware!

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Check in next week to when Deviancy 101 dives into the money!

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