Friday, October 31, 2008

My "Stay at Home" Resume Makeover

I know, I know...  One of the great things about working for yourself, or having a home-based career, is that you don't have to lug around a resume anymore (read this recent interview of an Etsy seller who burned hers when she started selling online).  I mean, who wants to be constantly refreshing theirs anyway?  And besides, no one will take my "home work" seriously, right?

All of these thoughts were running through my head this morning as I pulled out my resume and considered how to update it with my work over the last 10 months (you know--the work I've been doing since I left my "real job" in corporate America earlier this year).  Did I really want to go through the effort of trying to update it?

Well...yes, for two reasons.  One is that I may need to "plug back in"--to the conventional workforce, that is--and I want to be prepared just in case.  Two is that I confess I'm prone to undervaluing work that doesn't fit the "norm," and so putting my activities of late down on paper may force me to appreciate their value.

So here are a few lines I would add to my resume:

Owner, Stephanie Hillberry Enterprises
January 2008-present
Founder and manager of operations for micro-business, including branding, marketing, promotion, finance, production and sales.
*  successfully launched online self-titled brand, including blog, website, and e-commerce site.
*  learned the command of web-based business essentials, including affiliate marketing programs, statistical analysis, SEO, web-design, and social networking.
*  increased web-viewership by 200% since business inception.
*  leveraged business platform to promote entrepreneurial achievements of  women, encourage knowledge of national and world events, inspire home-based economic solutions, and equip citizens for community action.

I know--it's a lot of fancy talk for a blogger who likes to sell handmade things on the side.  And it seems awfully sophisticated for someone who technically left her "real job" for more domestic pursuits.  But even though it certainly isn't the way I introduce myself to most people (especially you, dear readers), every word is true.

Talk to me about your "stay at home" resume by emailing me at or commenting here!

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