Monday, October 20, 2008

the Book Sleuth: Introductions

I'm rolling out yet another feature here on Deviantly Domesticated (a girl can't have too many features, you know!) called the Book Sleuth.  Because I'm a self-proclaimed Nerd (seriously--I love libraries.  And bookstores.  And, and I read A Lot of books, I thought I would share what I'm reading with you on the off-chance that you might be interested, too.

For the record, I tend to find myself wandering more in the non-fiction side of the bookstore than the fiction side, so sorry--no romance novel updates or great reviews on the latest international story-telling wonder.  Or at least you probably won't find me reading them often (although please feel free to send me your recommendations!).

What I do read a lot of, however, are books on cooking and on crafting (I Love Crafting!) and on home design.  I also read a lot on contemporary issues, like our modern food system, consumer culture, and some political prose.  And I Really enjoy books on the economy (they're my favorite), and so help me, God, if I don't manage to convert you into an Econ fan yourself! (I promise, it's not all lame...)

On a technical front, when I feature a book, I'll also provide a link to it under the "currently reading" section of my sidebar so that you can check it out for yourself.  And if you end up reading it, let me know what you think!  

Send me your sleuthing recommendations by emailing me at
Also, stick around later today for this week's Marketplace Maven, Hannah Breshears of Red Tandem Studio!

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