Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How's Your Storage?

While standing in line at the store over the weekend, I was thumbing through one of those magazine specials on storage and organization.  Page after glossy page presented me with the latest and greatest containers and boxes and shelving for pantries and closets and desks.  They were all so pretty, lined up in a row (or drawer), or peeking at me from behind closed cabinet doors.

I wanted them.  And judging by the popularity of "organization and storage" these days (think Container Store and Design Star), I'm not alone.

What is it about having everything all neat and tidy in its place that is so appealing?  Why are we so attracted to full and orderly pantries and drawers and freezers and cabinets?  Partly, I'm sure, it's a girly thing.  Get me a fancy, polka dot container any day!  I don't need a special reason!

I think beyond the girly-ness, however, there's something deeper going on.  For me, there's something comforting about knowing that I'm well-stocked.  Something about the idea of being prepared for the unexpected, of having resources on hand, of being ready for whatever comes (at least in my home), that makes me feel more secure.

I find that I've been gravitating toward that type of security lately, with all the bads news on the economy pouring in daily.  I know that I can't control whether my husband keeps his job or not, or if inflation sky rockets, or if a natural disaster hits.  But I can control my pantry, and my freezer, and my medicine cabinet.

This may sound trite, I know, but I think it's worth noting.  Preparation goes a long way in diffusing fear, even if it is simple household stuff.

In fact, I don't even need the polka dots to feel better.  Having my "storage" in ship-shape is enough to bring some peace.

Stay tuned later today for updates on my "Election Exercises!"

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