Monday, October 13, 2008

Marketplace Mavens: featuring Jenn Ski

Welcome to Marketplace Mavens, a weekly feature here on DD where we learn about inspiring women who are dipping their toes (or diving head first!) into the marketplace.  They are leading in our economy today by blazing a trail for creativity, courage and fortitude!  Let's follow!

Introducing Jenn Ski, a graphic designer and etsy shop owner from New Hampshire.  You can find Jenn's awesome design work at her store (click here), on her blog (click here), and on her website (click here).

I wanted to highlight Jenn because I love her design work, especially her adorable animal letter prints (I have a lot of friends who are having babies this year, and they would make perfect gifts!).  But more than her design, I wanted to demonstrate how creativity and technology merge for many of today's Marketplace Mavens.  

Case in point: even though Jenn is an etsy seller, I actually did not encounter her through  Rather, I found her from Blogger as one of their recent "blogs of note."  You see, Jenn has done a terrific job of using free technology (blogging) to promote her designs as well as the designs of others.  

Here's what I like about Jenn Ski:
1.  Her blog is fun, easy to read, and showcases a lot of design talent.  She updates it very consistently (almost every day), so there is always something fresh to look at.  
2.  Rather than just use her blog to show us her work, however, Jenn also leverages it to highlight others.  She practices what I like to call a "philanthropy of attention," meaning that she uses the attention she gets as a way to give a boost to others in the design world.

3.  Finally, Jenn is a great example of marrying good design with smart technological savvy--a must for today's mavens.  She recognizes that the internet is a great resource for creative business owners, and uses it well!

Please take some time to browse through Jenn's blog, website and store, and maybe purchase something that tickles your fancy (there's lots to choose from!), or subscribe to her RSS feed.  Remember, too, that because Jenn is so generous with her attention to others, the attention you give her will multiply, and support other Marketplace Mavens out there sharing their talents with the world!

Thanks to Jenn for setting such an awesome example of using technology to share her creative design skills with us!  Job well done!

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