Friday, October 17, 2008

Back to the Basics: Did it Work?

Since this is the last post of my Back to the Basics experiment, I thought it appropriate to go back to the beginning.  I wrote at the start of all this that my whole objective for getting organized around the home was to better equip myself to achieve my other goals--my goals as a professional and a friend and a neighbor.  I mentioned that I didn't want to blaze through the Fall and the holiday season (like I seem to every year), and end up looking back over my shoulder in January wondering what happened.  Wondering and feeling a little disappointed.

And though it isn't January yet, I feel pretty good about reaching my objective.  Do I feel like my "cooking extravaganza" made me a better business person?  Well, not necessarily.  But it certainly allows me to work later in the evening without worrying about preparing dinner (and keeps my husband from eating tortillas and cheese every night!).  Did my adoption of improve my relationships and my community?  Again, not directly.  But I have given a lot more thought to the impact of my spending (I even tabulated my taxes to prepare for the elections!), and I feel much more prepared to go into the holiday season and come out ahead.

I also mentioned that I felt a little sheepish for even suggesting that beefing up my domestic fitness was a good goal for a modern gal.  Sheepish for maybe sounding like a traitor to the women's movement, and a throw-back to traditional times.  But after thinking more seriously about the "trifecta of domesticity," even those hesitations have dwindled.  There is no shame in being a good steward of my resources, or being prepared, or more mindful.  Even if those attributes were accomplished through unglamorous household chores.

So, all in all I'd say my Back to the Basics experiment was a success, and I feel good about what I accomplished.  No doubt I'll probably have to revisit some of these activities a year from now, but I don't mind.  Practice makes perfect (or at least temporarily more organized).

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What's next?  Introducing "Deviancy 101": my thoughts on deviant living, beginning next week.  See you then!

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