Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Sussie: Satin Pillowcases

Welcome to Saturday Sussies--my regular weekend post showcasing a small treasure that has come to my attention during the week.  Or, in the case of this week, one I already owned but temporarily misplaced...

I was changing the sheets today and found one of my satin pillowcases balled up in the bottom of my clean fitted sheet.

"There it is!" I yelled as my dogs looked at me like I was crazy.  You see, I have been searching the house inside and out (okay, maybe not out) looking for this silly pillowcase for weeks!  I turned out all of my closets, looked under the beds, checked all the hampers.  I even had my husband searching (voluntarily, I might add!). 

Why all the effort?  Because once you go to satin pillowcases you'll never turn back.  They're soft and shiny and feel oh so good on your tired cheeks (not those cheeks!) at night.  So, in honor of finding my pillowcase, I thought that for today's Sussie, I'd hail the mighty satin!

You can find satin pillowcases from almost anywhere.  Mine, incidentally, come from that evil (aka tempting) store some call Target, where you can certainly find them as well.  Or, if you prefer to spend your dollars supporting small business owners (yay!), check out these etsy stores:

Edie Castle Creations sells satin pillowcases for your delight (see 
picture--no, not the one with the sleeping lady.   And no, that's not me.).
And My Time Creations sells them in travel size, perfect for sleeping in the car on the way to your in-laws for the holidays, or for drooling on during a flight (I always drool when I'm flying!  So embarrassing!).  

Happy Sleeping!

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