Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Sussie: Knitting Mania!

Every year when the weather starts to get cooler I'm suddenly overcome with the urge to pull out my knitting needles.  This year I hit the local craft store, flipped through the pages of Vogue Knitting's Fall 2008 issue, and started working.
My favorite design is #18, which is a drop collar cardigan (although admittedly I'm modifying it a bit to make it easier...) and I'm happily on my way.  

Since knitting is on my 
brain, I've run across a couple sites worth 
passing on for those of you who might like to pick up the needles from time to time, or know someone who does.

First, check out  Year of the Goat on, a store from fibers designer, Melissa 
Havlorson.  I like her funky style (and I love leg warmers), and she spins all of her yarn, which is even more special.  She even has some pattern pdf's that you can download for a few bucks.

Also check out, which is a super fun knitting/crocheting site.  Once you sign up for a membership (which is free, although you might have to wait on a waiting list for a few days) you get access to tons of patterns, and, of course, other knitting friends.

Happy Knitting!

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