Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Sussy: Kcoline Fashion

Welcome to my first Saturday Sussie!

What is a sussie, you ask?  Good question.  I am rather new to the term myself.  A sussie, apparently, is a phrase used in Texas (and maybe other places, too, although I only know of Texas) referring to a small trinket or treasure that is unexpectedly stumbled upon and perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself.

Saturday Sussies, then, are treasures I've stumbled upon--be they a favorite website, blog, accessory, or home tip--that I want to share with you.  

This week I stumbled upon Kcoline fashion on Etsy. com.  Kcoline is a fashion designer and US transplant from France.  Her designs have been featured in a lot of magazines, blogs and the like, and I heard about her through Etsy.  

Above are some samples of her work, and here is a link to her site.  For those of you who are familiar with a sewing machine, you know how much skill it takes to pull off a tailored garment.  For those of you who don't sew--just take my word for it: she has talent.  For Project Runway fans, she could compete.

Take a gander through her store this weekend for fun!  And please enjoy your Saturday!

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