Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flunking Home "Work"

So I told my husband the other day about my yearly meal plan idea.  He said I was a weirdo.  That was his exact word: weirdo.  Apparently saving meal plans seems silly to him.  Of course, eating a diet of tortillas and cheese seems silly to me.  But I digress...

After a week and a half of trying to get into domestic shape, I have to confess that I am doing fairly badly.  I procrastinated my grocery shopping, thus resulting in Taco Bell and cupcakes for dinner.  My bathroom sink is covered in toothpaste goo.  And there's an unattractive smell coming from my garbage disposal.

Part of me thinks, who cares?  So what if my house is dirty and we had Taco Bell.  Domestic perfection is an antiquated goal--not for someone with a college degree and her own business.  Modern girls can't be bothered with the petty housekeeping standards of the 1950's.  We've been liberated from all of that!

And of course I'd be right.  Our culture doesn't measure successfulness based on shiny bathroom sinks and meal plans, nor should we.  

But...(you knew I'd throw in a "but") there are a few negative consequences from my recent days of domestic malaise.  One is that I spent a lot more money than I would have if I just made and stuck to a plan.  How? you ask.  Well, running out to grab fast food every day is probably the most financially wasteful way we can eat.  Plus it's really bad for you.  Also, my sink is just gross. 

In other words, not having a plan (or not sticking to one) on the homefront makes me feel like a pretty bad steward of my resources.  Kind of wasteful and unappreciative with what I have.  So the truth is that while I don't feel convicted about my domestic shortcomings because I'm striving for some arbitrary household perfection, I do feel convicted for being a bad steward.  

Kind of makes me want to try harder.

P.S. Just for fun, check out this link, "shiny sinks 101" by the Fly Lady.  Perhaps I should heed her advice and stage an intervention in my bathroom.

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