Friday, September 19, 2008

Tips for Cooling my Spending Impulses

I figured I should follow up yesterday's compulsive shopper confession with my ideas for cooling my spending impulses (especially good for going into the shopper-friendly weekend).  They are as follows:

*  be a list fanatic.  I need to create lists before I head into the store and stick to them.  No list?  No store.  Should be simple enough, right?  (that is, of course, assuming I don't scratch out "bomber jacket, lip gloss, and sweater like Jennifer Aniston's" onto a sticky as I dash out the door after watching 5 minutes of E!).
*  avoid catalogs and magazines.  This one is hard for me.  I love the glossies, but they do make me want stuff...
*  take a day off from shopping.  I actually started doing this awhile ago, and it helps.  Opting out of the consumer wheel for even a day provides a surprising amount of perspective.
*  spend cash.  I've heard from others that for some reason handing off cold hard cash is more difficult to do than swiping the ole' plastic.  I suppose I could try it...
*  allow for a cooling period.  If there is something I really want (but don't really need), I could force myself to wait a week before I buy it and see if my desire wanes.
*  make stuff on my own.  I'm a big fan of handmade items, and love crafty hobbies, so this one might be easier for me.  Besides, making something is not instant gratification, so it encourages more mindful consumption.  (On the other hand, it is definitely not always cheaper.)
* borrow from and share with friends.  A strategy that could satisfy my impulse without hitting my checkbook.  Definitely worth looking into...

Have any more clever ideas for me?  Email them to me at  Or share your story about spending, saving and managing money.  I'd love to hear it!

Also, see how my finances and budgeting are going to help me decipher this year's political tax debate by visiting my current event blog, Cigars in the Parlour.  

Happy Friday!  

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