Friday, September 5, 2008

What's to Come...

I mentioned ear
lier in the introduction of my "back to basics" experiment, that for me "home" means more than just laundry and scrubbing.  Home encompasses my day-to-day activities that fall outside of my job and other outward responsibilities.  So while domestic chores (those we typically associate with the housewife) are part of it, so is managing household finances and personal relationships.  Because quite frankly for me, the cleaning and cooking is the easy part.  It's the money and relationships that I struggle with, especially when I'm busy.

So, I'm challenging myself in all three areas, with the idea that if I take care of them, my career and community goals will naturally fall into place.  And as promised, I'll report back to you my reflections, frustrations, and remarks about the whole process.

Here's a brief calendar, then, or what I'm thinking.  Part one (a week or so) I'll start with the easiest area and talk about my domestic challenges.  Part two (another week or two) I'll tackle money.  And (you guessed it), part three is relationships.

Now, I'm a "resource" person, meaning that if I stumble upon a really good website that helps me in this challenge, or a good book, or read a good article, I'll mention it.  Furthermore, I lve creating resources of my own.  For instance, I'm already breaking in a yearly meal planner (kind of like a day planner, only for meals) I created on my computer, and would love to share it with you if it turns out to be beneficial.

On the flip side, I love hearing from other people.  So if you have any great tips, ideas, or resources yourself, please share.  You can comment here on this blog, or email me at

Additionally, I'd like to invite you all to visit my website at  I'm constantly developing new ideas about how we modern ladies can live unconventional lifestyles and lead our communities with our gifts and talents.  My recommendation is to start with "I'm rooted" and work your way forward from there.

Finally, join me tomorrow for the first edition of "Saturday Sussies."  Sussy is a word I picked up from my Texas family.  Apparently it stands for a small trinket or treasure that is stumbled upon unexpectedly, perfect for gifting or keeping yourself.  Saturday Sussies, then, are treasures--be they great websites, blogs I love, home design items, cute handbags, etc.--that I stumbled upon and want to share with you.

So hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!  Happy Friday!

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