Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Sussie: Crewel

In my ever continuing search for blogs on domestic life, I stumbled across Domicile by blogger, author and business diva, Emira Mears.  I found lots of fun stuff on the blog, but wanted to draw your attention to a book she highlighted in her most recent post: The New Crewel, by Katherine Shaughnessy.

Now I've never heard of crewel prior to reading this post, but I was instantly attracted to the design on the cover of the book.  Incidentally, while wandering the aisles of Barnes and Noble (probably something I shouldn't do too often given my impulse-spending tendencies), I found myself in the craft section (of course) and saw none other than The New Crewel.  

I took the opportunity to thumb through, and loved what I saw.  The book has definitely been added to my Christmas list (or my "reward for good behavior" list)!  The stitching designs are so fun--modern in a bit of an old-fashioned way (if there is such a thing)--and it looks like it would be a great hobby.  Sign me up!

I also like the author's mission to introduce an old craft (crewel has been around for a long time) to a new generation.  Something about preserving our craft and artisan traditions, especially in our era of modern technology, appeals to me.  

Craft away!

On another topic, Mears is the co-author of a book I'm anxious to get my hands on called The Boss of You.  More blog fodder to come on that!

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