Monday, September 29, 2008

Marketplace Maven: Emily Spivack & Shop Well with You

Welcome to Marketplace Mavens!  In this weekly series I hope to inspire you with stories of women who are taking on the challenge of being creative leaders in the economy.  They are talented entrepreneurs who are expressing their passions through their work, often in ways that are distinctly female.

This week I'd like to highlight Shop Well With You, a non-profit organization that provides clothing resources and tips to women who are undergoing cancer treatments.

Shop Well With You was founded by Emily Spivack when she was in her early twenties.  After watching her mother fight and gain victory through four bouts of cancer, and witnessing the unique body image and comfort needs during those battles, Emily had an idea.  She decided to merge her passion for fashion design and her desire to help women like her mother into a non-profit organization.  Thus Shop Well with You was conceived.

The result is a successful organization with an awesome mission.  As women we all know how important body-image is to how we feel from day to day.  And this is no more true than during difficult times.  Furthermore, Emily is a fantastic example of a Maven because she applied creativity and heart by combining two seemingly unconnected issues: cancer and fashion.  And she's a great role model for those of us wanting to be both leaders and servants to others through our business ideas.

For more information, you can find Shop Well with You online by clicking here.  I particularly liked the downloadable guide to "Body-Image and Cancer" (shown right), as well as all of the very useful fashion tips and tools.

Please read more about Emily's story by clicking here, and also read about the press coverage that Shop Well with You has received (like the 2004 Real Simple article which is where I originally heard of it).  

Finally, follow up by forwarding the Shop to a friend or relative who might be struggling with cancer, or consider sending Emily and staff an encouraging note or donation.  

To read more about Marketplace Mavens, click here.  And stay tuned for next week's Maven, Heather Davis of Pink and White Designs!

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