Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to the Basics: testing my theory for a successful life

I have a compulsion.  I can't get to work--really get focused--unless my house is clean.  Not spring cleaning clean--just run-of-the-mill tidy.  Bed made.  Dishes in the dishwasher.  Stuff off the floor.  That kind of thing.  If things are a mess, my brain feels cluttered.  I can't concentrate.  I feel out-of-sorts.  

I have a theory based on these feelings.  My theory is that our lives operate more smoothly when our home is in order.  By "home" I mean that broad category of domestic duties that fall under the household, like chores and cooking and finances.  And by "operate more smoothly," I mean that we are more equipped (have more energy and focus) for our goals, our careers, and our community.

Since the fall is about to begin, and I have a long list of goals I want to accomplish before the long days of winter set in, I thought I would test this theory out on myself.  Historically the fall has always been a busy, somewhat overwhelming time.  Everyone seems to kick into high gear with sports and social activities and school, and so it seems the same for me.  My life doesn't slow down until after the holidays.  Suddenly it's January and I'm looking back over my list of goals and feeling...well...disappointed.

So I thought, Hey, maybe I could get organized at home, and maybe that organization will flow into other parts of my life.  Like my entrepreneurial career, and my plans to connect more to my community.  Maybe my theory will prove true--that when home base runs smoothly, I'll have more focus for the other important things in my life.  Maybe if I get back to the basics--making my bed, following a budget, planning my meals--I'll find that I have more focus and energy for the other stuff, too.

I think that for the next month or two I'll try it out, and report what I learn.  The theory could be a bust--we'll know soon enough.  Or perhaps I'm right, and having a strong home base makes for successful living.  We'll see.

I hate to be the guinea pig alone, so please! join me and test the theory too.  Or just watch as I ramble on about home life and work life and my life.  Either way, don't be a stranger as I get back to the basics.

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