Monday, October 13, 2008

How Minty! My favorite financial find this Fall

One of my favorite finds during my "back to basics" challenge is  In case you missed it, Mint is a free online budgeting program, and quite a nifty one.

I bring up Mint this morning because they've recently updated their site, now allowing you to name your own budgeting categories (as opposed to just using the ones they prescribed to you in a drop-down menu).  So if you decide that you desperately need a budgeting category called "girly magazines" so that you can stop spending so much on the glossies (and by "you" of course I actually mean "me"), you're in luck.  

If you've been following my posts this Fall, then you are familiar with management shortcomings.  Like how I let my receipts pile up without reconciling them, and how I have only vague (as opposed to concrete) ideas about where I'm spending my money from month to month.  Well, after using Mint for over a month now, I'm happy to report that I am actually getting better at the whole money thing!  And getting better makes me feel better.  More organized, less impulsive, and more intentional.  

So if you haven't visited yet, take a sec to do it.  With all of this money talk in the news, there is no better time to get your financial ducks in a row.  And having your ducks in a row frees you up to focus on other, more important things.  Like when the next issue of Domino is going to arrive, for instance.  So that you can tabulate it in your "glossies" category.  And by "you," of course, I mean "me."

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