Monday, October 27, 2008

Marketplace Mavens: Holly Becker of Decor8

note: Marketplace Mavens are inspiring female entrepreneurs who are setting an example through their lives and livelihoods that I want to follow.

I know that I'm a little late to the game, but this past week I stumbled into Decor8 (a popular design blog) for the first time and immediately knew that I wanted to highlight founder and editor, Holly Becker, as this week's Marketplace Maven.

Holly's blog (which was just featured in my shiny new copy of Domino magazine--one my many subscriptions), focuses on interior design and decorating and draws a whopping 20,000 readers daily!  Take it from a fellow blogger--that kind of attention take a LOT of Hard Work to get!

Apart from her obvious business savvy and very apparent super-style-skills (see the picture at right of her apartment in Germany), it is Holly's lifestyle that I think exemplifies her Maven-ness.  You see, Holly has really utilized her market success to live the kind of lifestyle that she and her husband value.  In their case, it's an international lifestyle of living in two countries during the year (Germany and the US).  Here's more on why she is a role model:

*  Holly worked very hard to get her blogging career off the ground, often enduring criticism and rejection from the design industry in the process.  (Click here to read more about that process, written by Holly.)  But obviously her perseverance paid off as her blog took off.

*  Like a lot of mavens, Holly had always dreamed of an unconventional lifestyle, which for her specifically meant living in Europe.  Her successful career as a blogger gave her the flexibility to accomplish that dream, but not without some careful planning first...

*  So, adding to her smart business sense, Holly also practiced some very impressive financial sense, saving her money and being mindful of her resources as she prepared to relocate part-time to Germany.  (Read her thoughts on this process by clicking here.)

In other words, Holly is an excellent example of a 
Marketplace Maven because her lifestyle and her business work in synch, both testifying to creative and thoughtful living.  How many of us dream of having our work and our living meld seamlessly together to reflect our values and be a catalyst for our aspirations?  Well, Holly is living evidence that it can be done!

To see more of Holly's design boards (like the one above), please take some time to visit Decor8 this week by clicking here.

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Stay tuned for more Deviancy 101 posts, coming tomorrow!  


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